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Our life is a busy, bustling life. Our life is full of people! And there are many stories to tell but we often have so little time to tell them because of all that we are doing just to simply say, “We love our neighbors.” Every day in our living room, our dining room, on the porch, and in the front yard there are people without a permanent home who make our little community house theirs during the day time hours. We hear laughter and tears. People share their stories, their jokes, their frustrations, their music (yes you’ll often hear the sounds of guitars and African drums and sometimes what we have termed the most obnoxious birthday song in Asheville). Our friend, James, who lives in our intentional residential community often regales us with stories of life on the streets and on the road from San Diego to the east coast. He tells of sleeping in dumpsters and in a small dugout hole by a large bank downtown. He tells of hunger and how God sent just the right thing his way even in the desert to preserve his life. Now every day he spends his time not surviving but “tending to orphans and widows” as he calls it. These were the ones in ancient Bible days who suffered most in the economy, the ones most on the ragged edge of survial. James’ story is our story. His mission, our mission. Every day we hear stories and see people coming alive again! Our time is full of the things that count. We love our neighbors and help them when they are sick. We open our door to folks who don’t even have a door. We sit and listen. We offer our time as a gift not for money but for love. We have so many stories to share so we hope you’ll come visit with us at our community house. We will fill your ears with stories and your hearts with love. And we may unashamedly take some of your time! And we hope you’ll be glad you came!


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