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Last week, we had two children share our Wednesday open hours, meal, and Bible Study.  Ella was fascinated by our new mister.  One of our supporters gifted us the mister which will humidify the air in the winter and help keep our folks healthier.  Winter is brutal when you’re on the streets.  Pnuemonia and bronchitis are common occurences and so this gift of health was much appreciated. 

Through a child’s eyes, the mister has great features that have nothing to do with health (or do they)?  The mister has visual mist that looks like fog that rolls out around changing colored lights.  To Ella, it was pure magic!  It delighted her and made her think and wonder.  Warm lights and mist catch the eye of many who live on the streets.  Christy talked about just staring at it and realizing that being at Community of the Beloved feels like home.  “It’s what you’d do in your living room.  Just look at it and everybody chilling, relaxing, enjoying each other.”  So maybe the lights and cool mist are healthy, too.  They remind people that our living room is home and sanctuary, safe space.  And that de-stresses us all.  Stres is dangerous to your health.  And what could be more stressful than to be without safe space to live in. 

I think God is into magic.  Just look at all the miracles.  And no wonder Jesus loved children.  They have the proper respect to see that all of life is a miracle.  Breathing is a miracle.  Having friends is a miracle.  Making home is a miracle in world where money is respected more than people so that people are shoved to the streets. 

It is a miracle that we have a residential community of people who now make home together and who do believe that people are to be respected and share home.  That no one is defined by their disabilities but by their gifts.  It is a miracle that we make safe space each day for people on the streets to share life and humanity.  It is a miracle that we break bread together five times a week off the leftovers of our society that would have been thrown in the trash.  It is a miracle that people from all walks of life without even a common language or culture can find that we’re all children of God and that we are a family.

Yes, magic is in the air at Beloved.  So come over.  Take a deep breath and get ready to be transformed!


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